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Where to buy aquarium plants - The Great Seller List


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    As a public service, why don't we start a list of quality retailers where hobbyists can purchase aquarium plants? This should help all of us when we need to go plant hunting.

    I will update this first post with the current list of retailers that are recommended in the thread. I will list the number of upvotes next to each.

    Please reply to this thread with your recommended aquarium plant seller BUT please see the rules below first.

    • You can only recommend a retailer that YOU have purchased from.
    • Retailers cannot recommend themselves.
    • Silence is golden. If you had a bad experience with a retailer, please do not post here. Let's keep this thread positive and helpful. The quality retailers will bubble up to the top.
    • If the retailer you want to recommend has already been recommended, simply upvotethe post that is recommending them.
      • To upvote, simply click on the up arrow to the right of the post as shown in this picture
      • 1652480842368.png
    • You can recommend from any country and I will list on the list. Just make sure you note what country they ship to.
    The Great Aquarium Plant Seller List
    1. Aquarium Plants Factory (USA) - 2 votes​
    2. Aquarium Co-Op (USA) - 1 vote​
    3. Aquariums West (Canada) - 1 vote​
    4. Tails and Scales (Canada) - 1 vote​
    5. Angelfins (Canada) - 2 votes​
    6. AquascapeRoom (Canada) - 2 votes​
    7. ABC Plants (Canada) - 1 vote​
    8. The Plant Guy (Canada) - 2 vote2​
    9. Green Leaf Aquariums (USA) - 2 votes​
    10. Buceplant (USA) - 3 votes​
    11. Aquarzon (Australia) - 1 vote​
    12. The Wet Leaf (Canada) - 1 vote​
    13. Sousleau Aquarium (Canada) - 1 vote​
    14. Aquariumplants.com (USA) - 1 vote​
    15. Aqua Forest Aquarium (USA) - 1 vote​
    16. BuyPetShrimp.com (USA) - 1 vote​
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    For the Canadian crowd:

    ABC Plants
    SKA Shrimps & Nature Aquarium (Facebook Only)
    The Aquascape Room

    I'd like to shout out JC&P Aquarium too for picking up live plants, and having a good selection at decent prices (y) (I've only bought lighting from them in the past, but will likely look into placing a plant order).
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    For those few in Australia, I can recommend "Aquarzon".

    I've purchased from Aquarzon several times now. They have a great range to choose from, as far as availability of species in Australia goes, and their plants are always very healthy. Delivery is quite fast, price is very competitive, customer service is outstanding, and they often include extras. As a repeat customer, they usually throw in an extra species to try in the order also.

    🪴 🌱 🌿
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    I’ve purchased from Aquariums West, Tails and Scales, Angelfins, Aquascape room, ABC plants and The Plant Guy … satisfied with all the purchase.
    ABC plants is great, but it should be noted that they're moving their production from Montreal to Maine(USA), so I'm not sure how the ordering process will work for Canadians in the future.

    +1 for Angelfins, Aquascape room, SKA, and The Plant Guy. The Plant Guy's in-house TC stuff is particularly nice (usually has some Erios, and a few of the 'nicer' Rotalas available ) and is economically priced. The Wet Leaf is another Canadian retailer I've had good experiences buying from in the past.
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    For the first time I made a purchase to APF and wow, what a selection of plants! Their list is truly one of, if not the best in the US. They have many plants that would be hard to find from other retailers and almost everything is in stock. Hopefully when my order arrives I’ll be just as impressed 👍🏻
    Mine have always come in in good shape. Just mostly emersed and a few times they sent me the wrong plant but refunded them immediately.
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