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Where is everyone sourcing their Macros?

Count Krunk

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    Aug 16, 2023
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    GA, USA
    Hello Everyone,

    As title states, where does everyone buy their macro powders from? How many people use a DIY approach and what powder are you using?

    I've know there are likely common "non fish tank" dry powders people have been using for the big 3: macros, no3, k, and po4.

    Example from reef keeping, mrs wages pickling lime and leslies pool supplies calcium hardness for raising calcium.

    MBFerts.com, esp good deals for 5 llbs or more. Not sure if 1 lb is cheaper than places like gla or nilocg, havent looked

    It probably is because they dont use fancy packaging. It'll come in a zip loc with what it is written on it with a sharpie

    They do show you the source on the product page though. All this they make clear and state that plain packaging isa main reason they can sell so cheap

    For our needs buying ferts is all about price, esp macros and secondary macs. KNO3 is KNO3, very little difference in the lower grades we use
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