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What do you think about the available Aquascaping Books? Which books did you read? And your opinion?


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Oct 31, 2022
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I don't think there are many aquascaping books out there, but there are few of them definitley, so What do you think about the available Aquascaping Books? Which books did you read? And your opinion?

I will start with George Farmer "Aquascaping - A step by step guide to planting, styling, and maintaining beautiful aquariums"
In my opinion the book is very good for beginner aquascapers or even beginner aquariums keepers in general. It touch base on almost every point and every concept in the aquarium hobby with chapters dedicated mainly to aquascaping, but without going into too many details, which is exactly what a beginner would need, but for advanced readers and even intermediate ones I don't think the book is adding any new
knowledge, this doesn't mean that George Farmer is not a great aquascaper, in my opinion his aquascapes are very good, I believe most of them are inheriting their style from Takashi Amano Nature Style Aquascapes

Note: I bought the book's digital edition from Google Books which was cheaper than the hardcopy edition and I believe more sustainable in terms of nature and environment

I think there are not many books out there on the subject. I think it's still very early in the aquascaping hobby even though we've been at it for a couple of decades.

The other ones I would recommend, although dated, is Takashi Amano's books. You may also like the magazine, ADA Journal.
I'm with you guys. I wish I had something to add, but I have George's book and the Takashi Amano Nature Aquarium "Bible". I love them both. I would say most of the current information is out there in forums and on youtube. We could have a much broader discussion about what channels we watch.
I forgot to mention my friend, Karen Randall's book - Sunken Gardens. While I don't think it's strictly aquascaping, I do know she has years and years of experience.
I have that book as well and also Christel Kasselmann's Aquarium Plants book.
Dennis Wong did a nice presentation on perspective at the 2019 AGA (not sure if link will work) 2019 AGA
There are a great many books out there on aquascaping and planted tanks and even more for the general aquarist. I have collected many over the years. These are just a few...


And my most recent acquisition...


But below is my favourite by far. It traveled all the way from the States to me in the UK in a brown paper bag and remained relatively unscathed somehow. And when I opened it up, I found it had been signed by the great man himself...


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