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What can we do to grow and get more females into the hobby?

Are women not as interested in the hobby, or could they just be less likely to join forums and competitions as so keep a lower profile …
Some of my other hobbies seem very male dominated as well (bonsai, ponding) and I often wonder why. However, at in-person club meetings the ratio evens out. Koi ponding is usually a husband/wife endeavour but often it is the husband who uses the forum.
For bonsai, and indeed aquascaping, you would think more women would be the norm - it seems to be true for other types of gardening and plant related activities. I think more often than not it is mothers who set up fish tanks for their kids, rather than dad’s. I know I often used my kids as an excuse to get more animals including aquariums, citing educational purposes, when I really just wanted them for myself … lol!
That is a good question!

I always thought that gardening was more female dominated or at least 50/50. By extension, aquatic gardening should be similar but it's not.

Would love the personal experience of the AquaGirls Rock group to see if there's a pattern we can start addressing.