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What are some rare and pretty fish for a planted tank?


Community Member
Jul 23, 2023
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Hello all,
I am looking for rare fish I can add to the Build Thread - 1000 Gallon High Tech Planted Tank I was requested to look for fish few people have, are beautiful, and are expensive. One good contender I found with this criteria are the honey blue eye rainbowfish.

The one seller I could find has them at $80 USD and limited quantity. I would likely setup a breeding project for them.

What are other less common fish like these? Although pretty and colorful are the main ones I am looking for, I am open to hear about other rare fish. Also inverts.
I am not an expert in this, but I keep an eye on all the expensive Hyphessobrycon over at Aquatic Clarity. One day I'll splurge and get a school of something exciting like H. myrmex, H. peugeoti, or H. procyon. There are too many to choose from.

Now, I have not ordered from him myself, but Jeff seems to have a good reputation online. I encourage you to do your homework there. He gets a lot of rare wild caught stuff and he might be a good source to look into for a hook up to source something extra special.
I just got a bunch of Thayeria red-tail tetras in. (Thayeria teles pires? Some debate about that apparently.). They're gorgeous. Got them from The Wet Spot; currently out of stock, but prices ranged from $20-60 each.
Most of the fancy/pretty danios and rasboras I like to keep in planted tanks aren't expensive. Danio tinwini, Devario auropurpureus, Danio erythromicron, etc.


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