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Build Thread UNS 16T: Tiny bookshelf wabi kusa


Community Member
Nov 15, 2022
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Austin, TX
Hey all! Wanted to share another little setup I am enjoying quite a bit.
One of the perks of my job is that I ended up with a good amount of these UNS 16T tanks. I think I am up to 7 or so at this point and what I love about them is that I can always make a new little layout without too much effort and without taking up very much space (they have a 16cmx16cm footprint).

I paired this with our flush lid which covers the top perfectly (very satisfying) and no bias here, but I love that it has the UNS etched logo on the corner like the tanks have. I've been using these to experiment with creativity, this one is just a mild driftwood sticking out of the glass. It's been done before a couple times but usually out of the side of a tank and not through a lid.

P.S. maintenance is made super easy because I have securely glued everything inside the tank together so that I can lift the entire "scape" out of the tank in one piece by grabbing the branch and lifting it out. No substrate and just RO water for the bottom of the tank, easy and low maintenance but still exceptionally beautiful to have near my workspace.


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