Tips to convert plants when newly planted


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    It isn't talked about much but it's the first challenge a new person gets hit with and it's something everyone continues to deal with. Each aquarium environment is different so a plant needs to adapt to its new home. It's not an easy process for the plant or the hobbyist.

    So, as I'm going through this now, I'm asking for help and tips from everyone. How do you do it? Here's how I do it and some common tips. Please add yours.
    1. Plant, hope, pray (probably the most common way)
    2. Trim new plant of old leaves and roots -> trim to 2 or 3 inch size -> plant, hope, pray
    3. Trim new plant of old leaves and roots -> trim to 2 or 3 inch size -> water change very often
    4. Trim new plant of old leaves and roots -> trim to 2 or 3 inch size -> continue to trim and remove dying material -> water change very often (my way)
    I go with plant pray hope and if I see new growth, I cut and propagate. I also really increase the flow in the tank too. This is a new discovery for me with a tank capable of increasing flow.
    Buy submerged ;)

    Or at least have a decent amount of submerged fast growers to help kick start things. Its tough to start a brand new uncycled tank with all tc or emersed plants. Too much stalling and die off. Welcome to diatom hell and hope thats the least of it

    Edit: Oh I thought we were in your new tank thread lol.

    Theres no secret really. In a well running tank just plant everything thats good to begin with and be dilligent about pruning decaying matter off as the plants convert
    Edit: Oh I thought we were in your new tank thread lol.
    LOL we might as well be. I've started with all of the above just to make things hard for me!

    Seriously, though. If you are particular about what you want to plant, then you have no choice. Beggars can't be choosy. As I used to tell my kids, you get what you get and you don't get upset.

    What I accept is that some of them won't make it. The ones that do will be after a few months of difficult times. Yes, diatoms. Also am used to getting cyano followed by a tough green algae. If you go into my previous tank posts, you'll see all my battles including the "one two punch" black outs and a whole lot of patience!

    I have many years of understanding so I can wait it out. After about 3 to 4 months, the tank stabilizes and the plants are fully converted. Full steam ahead from that point. I don't know how a newbie will make it through the first 3 to 4 months when nearly all of their plants must convert to submersed form.
    The biggest thing I continue to see is new comers to the hobby buy all these plants becuase they either see these beautiful tanks and or also see they need to plant heavly. They do this but yet have no clue how to fertilize, what substrate to use or even about lighting. They have a small grasp about planted water parameters but dont understand it. Something is usally off and thus the plants melt, dont grow or even die thus discouraging them even more. It doesnt really matter if they used Emersed, TC or even submersed plants, its all the same.
    I think this is why the ADA and Tropica systems work so well and are so popular over seas. Its the no brainer, if you use our products too the tee you have will have these guaranteed results. Unlike here in the USA where its more of a DIY throw it all in and go from there.