This hobby is so cool. Angelfish wigglers in a community tank.


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Nov 1, 2022
Southern Idaho
So, in my build thread I'm updating the birth of a new 150g aquarium and I just planted it for the first time yesterday.

Today, to my astonishment, I discovered angelfish wigglers in my 180g community tank. The parents have been spawning on and off and a few days ago they laid a mess of eggs on the glass of the aquarium right in the corner, mostly on the silicone. I proceeded to do a 50% WC which left the entire clutch out of the water for a few minutes. The next day, a few of the eggs were white, a few were gone, but they lasted much longer than usual.

Yesterday, the eggs appeared to have been eaten, and I didn't think anything more of it. My attention was mostly on the 150 to be honest.

Today, while feeding the fish, I noticed the breeding pair were being MASSIVELY aggressive, keeping everything else basically on the other side of the aquarium. After watching for a while they were focusing on an area of Bacopa c. To my astonishment, there were a dozen or so angelfish wigglers there, across the aquarium from where they had been laid. I can only assume the parents scooped them up and deposited them there. Way to go mom & dad! I don't suspect they'll survive past this stage, but I've been surprised before. Chiclids are so phenomenal.

I've raised and sold hundreds of angelfish, but I've always removed the eggs directly after spawning. I've never had the opportunity to see these gorgeous fish exhibit parenting behavior before.

This tank is a dense jungle and the Kribensis have been successfully been raising young like crazy. Right now just about every size imaginable is represented. I think maybe this video link will work. Let's see.......