Third Place - Where Spirits Sleep


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Third Place Aquascape.png
    Image copyright © Rogozan Radu Florin

    Artist: Rogozan Radu Florin
    Location: Germany

    Volume (liters) 200

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 100x40x50

    Plants Rotala indica
    Macrandra mini type 4
    Rotala mexicana goias
    Rotala rotundifolia Singapore
    Eriocaulon lineare
    Eriocaulon Vietnam
    Tonina fluviatilis
    Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Pantanal'
    Blyxa japonica
    Eriocaulon setaceum
    Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba"
    Syngonanthus sp.Giant
    Staurogyne repens

    Fish Paracheirodon innesi

    Additional info Fertilization: Masterline and Masterline Carbo
    Light: Lumen Light 204w
    Soil: Tropica soil
    Co2 pressurized

    Judges Comments​

    Gregg Zydeck
    This tank has a lot going right, but the general shape of the scape is a bit too symetrical for me. Everything is on a similar arc across the tank, starting from the front center out. The background plants might benefit from some variation of height and a bit of separation between the groups. But still a really nice tank and well done. On a side note better color rendition of lighting might help with better separation of color.

    Joe Harvey
    This is a very beautiful aquarium. The plants all look happy and there is good contrast in textures and colors. It does lack a strong focal point however. The Rotala sg and E lineare are competing for it but neither one really pulls it off or is placed in the right position. Google 'rule of thirds' or 'golden ratio' to learn more about creating a good focal point. Also it is a little too symmetrical overall. The HC carpet makes a bold statement and would be better if it wasnt dead center.

    Marian Sterian
    The plants seem to thank you for taking good care of them.
    However, i think that the layout would have looked better if you would have used taller plants in the middle especially in front of Eriocaulon lieare.

    Dennis Wong
    The overall arrangement is pleasing with a mix of interesting plant species, colors and textures. The tops of the bushes are a bit untidy and quite a few bushes are not in good form.

    Vin Kutty
    This is without a doubt the best use of Eriocaulon lineare that I have ever seen. It's an unusual species choice to use as a focal point plant, but it works so well. Mostly, I love this tank. Very few complaints - happier Ludwigia and Mex Goias...and slightly better trimming techniques would have put this at or near the top.
    Suggestions: if a plant does not look its absolute best in your tank, remove it and use one that you can grow perfectly with ease. Rethink the light spectrum. Practice the art of trimming plants to have a smooth height gradient.