Terrestrial Plants in Aquarium Tanks


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Oct 31, 2022
Using terrestrial plants emersed from aquarium tanks has several benefits:
  1. They give a very nice look and feel to the tank, specially if you are going for a nature aquarium style
  2. They can absorb excess nutrients, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates ... etc. very fast from the tank which is very beneficial on the fish health
  3. Their roots can be a good hide out for baby fries and sick/shy or bullied fish
  4. Many users can depend mainly on terrestrial plants and forget completely submersed ones
  5. Algae can't infect these plants because most of the plant (except the roots) are in the air
  6. They can be used as air purifier as well
  7. They get their CO2 directly from the air so no need for CO2 injection
I listed these benefits and some more, plus several types of plants that you can use in this video