Tenth Place - Explosion of Colors


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Entry 9.jpg
    Image copyright © Ivan Gospodinov

    Artist: Ivan Gospodinov
    Location: Bulgaria

    Volume (liters) 250

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 100x50x50

    Plants Foreground:
    -Dwarf baby tears
    -Lobelia cardinals
    -Alternanthera reineckii Mini
    -Ludwigia white
    -Hygriphila lancea Chai
    -Echinodorus opacus Rataj
    -Cryptocoryne pink

    -Pogostemon erectus
    -Bacopa colorata
    -Ludwigia inclinata var white
    -Rotala ramosior Florida
    -Rotala indica
    -Nesaea golden
    -Crinum calamistratum
    -Schismatoglottis prietoi
    -Lagenandra meeboldii red
    -Eleocharis sp montevidensis
    -Ludwigia inclinata var Cuba

    Background :
    -Rotala blood red Singapore
    -Rotala Hra
    -Limnophila wilsonii
    -Myriophyllum sp Roraima
    -Ludwigia plasturis super red
    -White green oak leaf

    Fish Neon tetra /amber tetra /rasbora kubotai /rasbora galaxy /guppy /SAE/otocincus

    Judges comments​

    Gregg Zydeck
    This is a nice effort and has a really nice mix of plants. Lots of different colors/leaf shapes and the plants look nice and healthy. I like the lower left grouping, but the right side background needs a lot of work. The groupings are not trimmed well and have more of farm tank look. Just moving a large group to hide the equipment on the left would have been a major improvement. But all in all loads of potential here. You could take this same group of plants and with more attention to detail could create something really special.

    Joe Harvey
    Really nice contrast in colors and textures. However it would benefit from better pruning techniques. The stems in back look kind of a mess and also the overgrown AR pressed against the front glass. There are a lot of ingredients here for a really nice aquascape, just need to tidy things up a bit. Also please always remove any visible equipment before taking contest photos.

    Marian Sterian
    No comment

    Dennis Wong
    No comment

    Vin Kutty
    This is such a pretty scene but it's destroyed by what looks like the engine compartment of a spaceship. This entry scored fairly high on many factors, but very poorly on overall impression due to instrusive equipment. What is that thing back there with the red stripes? But your plants are nice. Only use Ammannia pedicellata in scapes if you know you can grow it flawlessly and very few can.

    Suggestions: please, please remove the equipment! Do not allow foreground plants to grow up against the glass, no matter how pretty. Reduce or eliminate red-next-to-red-red plant groups.