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Help Stem plant ID.

Not sure if this is in the correct forum. Please move if necessary. Was doing some ditch diving for plants on the roadside and came across something I couldn’t easily ID.

My PlantNet identifier is giving me either Rotala ramisor or Ludwigia grandulosa.

It was growing submerged with a portion of the top above water. Trimmed the top, hydrogen peroxide dipped and planted. It’s been about 3 days and there’s the coloration of new growth at the node with no signs of melting yet.


How is the wild caught plant doing for you? I’m no expert but it looks like the rotala ramisor to me.

FYI the ludwigia repens in my Dutch tank were wild caught in 2019 from a bluegill pond I take my kids fishing at during summer time.
It’s interesting. That stem has definitely grown, but has not shown absolutely any sign of change. Here’s a picture of it when collected and current state:



I definitely have some wild repens too. Stuff grows like crazy:


It does not seem to get quite as red or large as the purchased plants though:


Interestingly, I also collected some Bacopa (?) looking plant that was more red than I’ve ever seen any Bacopa. It’s slowly starting to take hold, and has retained its coloration. Excited to see how it turns out.

Field collected:


And today: