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Silly things people say about planted tanks!


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL
    Many, many years ago this thread started somewhere else and I enjoyed the laughs and commiserating with everyone. So, here goes at ScapeCrunch. Let's hear your experiences and let's laugh together at the most silly/annoying/random things people say to you when they see your planted tank.

    Here are a few I've gotten:

    "Where are the fish?"
    "Are those corals?"
    "Are those plastic?"
    "Gees, don't you have enough just mowing the lawn outside?!"


    Let's hear them!
    I typically receive the common ones, but they are always still comical, such as:

    Is that a saltwater tank?
    Why are their no fish? (even though there was 150 fish in a 45 gallon tank)
    Why are the fish so small? And all they ever do is hide.
    Why don't you put an Oscar in there?
    Wait, how much does all that cost?!
    How come you can't just buy fish right away?
    Those fish are ugly, can't you just put discus in there?
    Why are there no fish in your shrimp tank?
    OMG, what could you possibly need at a fish store now?
    No, I don't want to drive an hour to go look at a fish store.

    I'll probably think of a few more, but that's a large enough list for now.
    Is that a saltwater tank?
    This is my #1 when people see the tank in person. If happens every single time. "This is saltwater.....right?".

    Then when I start to explain what is going on I can see by their blank stare and eyes glazing over that they don't understand a single thing I am saying. I honestly think when they leave they have no clue what they just saw.

    That's one of the reasons why it's so cool to meet some people in the hobby in person. It's a real pleasure to talk planted tanks for a while with someone who shares the same passion for the hobby (or sickness!). Let's face it, outside of our little group of people most don't even know that something like this exists.
    Boy Gregg that is so right.

    This is what I normally get when I start explaining what they are watching:
    I definitely get the saltwater comment the most often as well. A funny comment came from my wife long ago when she was noticing the colorful tops on some of the stem plants and stated "wow look at those flowers" My response "Yes Dear" :D
    Is this real plant?
    Where is the sunken treasure chest with bubbles
    What about putting this small diver that produces air bubbles
    Next time buy bigger fish
    Aquarium tanks changed a lot since we were keeping one
    "Are those plants real? Really? They don't look real"

    "Seems like it's a huge time commitment"

    I don't get a huge amount of irritating comments/questions. Most see the tank and either glance at it and promptly ignore it, or I get "wow". The wows come from friends who have aquariums though lol. Typically the biggest fans of the tank are my cousin's kids. They come by and are glued to the tank, or playing with my dog as long as they're not scared of him lol.
    I just remembered my sister in law, "Oh, you put a hedge in there." I wanted to kill her. It was after a trimming.