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Show your pets!


Community Member
  • Jun 11, 2023
    There's long-running thread by this name over on Another Forum that looks like a lot of fun 😁

    We all have lives above water, here's your chance to show off your pets!

    Let's see your best shots of family members with neither gills nor photosynthetic machinery.

    I'll start :


    Devochki moi russkiye volkodavi.. πŸ’šAnd Greyhound 🏎️
    Devochki moi russkiye volkodavi.. πŸ’šAnd Greyhound 🏎️
    Beautiful sighthounds! I raised, showed and lure coursed Afghans and a Saluki in my younger days.
    At this time, I have my Beautiful Bingo and RIP my beloved Mitzi the MinPin, who passed away back in October:


    Joining my family now is Pippin, a Biewer Terrier at 6months old:


    Afghans.. saluki.. Min pin.. and now Yorkies: clearly you have the patience of a saint πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ€

    Yes Luci's pretty hot, that was a fun day. Her sister's there for moral support, isn't that interested in the bunny πŸ‡

    My Bear

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