Should I remove my surface skimmer?


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Nov 5, 2022
Las Vegas
Going on a 2 week vacation tomorrow. Got an ATO and auto feeder set up and actually been in place a few days ago just to make sure everything is running smoothly. I have an indoor security camera set up so I can check and see the tank. Nobody will be coming to check on the tank unless there is an emergency. Plants have been largely trimmed so its not too overgrown when I get back. Problem is my surface skimmer thats attached to my canister that feeds my CO2 reactor. This thing needs to be cleaned just about daily. Not sure if it will clog up if not maintained for 2 weeks. I do have airstones that run every hour for 5 min when CO2 is injected. Should I remove the skimmer? Thanks!
I've tried different methods when I travel over the yearsw. The best for me has been don't change a thing. Keep lights the same, ferts, CO2, etc. Many plants don't like the boat being rocked much.

Now the exception might be the skimmer. If it clogs easily could be an issue. Just be sure to have enough surface agitation to create oxygen for any livestock, or run the air stones a bit more.
Automate/ schedule as much as you can.

Then as @GreggZ said the more stable you can keep it the better it will be.

If anything could do sideways badly, remove it or mitigate it.

Which ATO did you set up?
I removed the skimmer. Doser has been calibrated and bottles filled. No change was done in mixing the fertz. ATO is on a smart plug and its only on for 5 min a day to prevent overflow in case of a malfunction. Added additional minutes to the airstones. Love these smart plugs. CO2 bottles is freshly filled and checked for leaks. Heading to the airport in a few hours. Tank is as automated as I can make it. Just need to stop worrying and enjoy my vacation lol!