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Second Place - Welcome to the Jungle


Staff member
Founding Member
  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Second place aquascape.png
    Image copyright © Verebes Miklos

    Artist: Verebes Miklos
    Location: Hungary

    Volume (liters) 200

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 100×40×50

    Plants Ludwigia super red, ludwigia inclinata cuba, ludwigia repens rubin, syngonanthus sp belem, hippuridoides,rotala tulunadensis, rotala vietnam hra, rotala florida, nasaea sp gold, lobelia cardinalis mini, blyxa japonica, ludwigia white, bacopa caroliniana, alternanthera reinickii mini, ludwigia ovalis red, penthorum sedoides,hemianthus callitrichoides cuba, staurogyne repens

    Fish Trigonostigma espei, Trigonostigma heteromorpha, Paracheirodon inessi, Otocinclus affinis

    Additional info Lighting: Week Aqua Phoenix D-L 900
    Soil: tropica aquarium soil
    Filter: Hydor 600 prof
    Co2 0-24
    Water parameters: Gh 8, Kh 0, ph 6.3


    • Entry 4.jpg
      Entry 4.jpg
      914.8 KB · Views: 23

    Judges comments​

    Gregg Zydeck
    Loads of color here with a nice bright clean presentation. Great variety of plants that look very healthy and a great example of a “Garden” style tank. With some refinement could be even better. Right now a bit too “jungle”. The back portion could use some variation of height and the groups need to be trimmed to create separation of the species. The reds on the right are pretty nicely framed, but the ones on the left need work to bring them more into focus.

    Joe Harvey
    This is a beautiful garden. I could stare at this tank for a long time. The plants all look healthy and some of these species arent exactly easy to grow. The scape itself has two main problems. The background groups are all basically the same height. It's better to have these staggered a little bit, even 3-4 inches of difference between them will drastically improve the look. The other problem is it lacks a strong focal point. Google 'rule of thirds' or 'golden ratio' to learn more about making a good focal point.

    Marian Sterian
    You have chosen very contrasting plants and the way you have arranged them gives a striking view.
    Such layout brightens your day.
    I think that the result would have been better if the background plants would have had different heights.

    Dennis Wong

    Vin Kutty
    One of the few tanks with very good plant health. Good contrast is almost within grasp but a more disciplined trimming strategy would have put this tank near the top. It's also struggling for a focal point and balance, which is desperately needs. A missed opportunity by a very skilled hobbyist.

    Suggestions: create focal point. Give plants groups a little more space and elbow room. Practice trimming to enhance cohesive bushes.