Plant Rotala macrandra Koehne

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Rotala macrandra Koehne (1880)

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: Ameletia rotundifolia Wight
Common name(s): Giant red rotala
Family: Lythraceae
Genus: Rotala
Region: Southern India
Location: unknown


- Difficulty: high
- Recommended KH: 0 - 3
- Recommended GH: 1 - 6
- Light Needs: high
- Fertilization: balanced
- CO2 supplementation: yes
- Optimum temperature: 24-28C
- Flow: moderate
- Special needs:
- Suitability: midground, background, accent, street


- Plant Structure: Stem
- Height: 60 cm
- Width: 3 - 6 cm
- Growth Rate: low
- Growth type: side shoots
- Trimming recommendation: topping, trimming side shoots


Beautiful but demanding plant. The submerged leaves are green to strong brown-red in color, delicate, wavy and lance shaped. It is a slow grower and does not form dense mats.

As it demands high light to its entire stem, it is recommended that shoots are planted individually and with sufficient space between them. Care must be taken when handling as leaves are easy to break.


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