Announcement Please help me welcome Ultum Nature Systems as a site sponsor


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    I am so pleased to announce that Ultum Nature Systems is now a sponsor of our site. Please help me welcome them!

    @Ultum_Hiep is the brand's ambassador and he will be representing them here. Some of you may know Hiep as he is one heck of an aquascaper in his own right. I'm hoping he helps us with the aquascaping forum as well!

    If you don't know Ultum Nature Systems, you definitely should go check them out. They make some of the most impressive aquariums in the market, as well as, a number of other products all geared towards our hobby. I spend too much time on their website.

    It is very important for all of us that there are businesses willing to create products for our hobby. I am very grateful to UNS and their mission. I look forward to having a close relationship between us, the hobbyists, and UNS.