Low Tech Tank Planet Tribble - Fastest Scape I've Ever Done


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Nov 2, 2022
New York
This was my older ADA Mini S tank and it was most definitely low-tech. It's the result of having two dozen Marimo moss balls sitting around and really wanting a scape in a hurry.

Nice, very cool. Also you take great pictures. What camera are you using?

Thanks, I'm still using my Canon 60D. That pic was actually taken with the 60D and a Canon 60mm macro lens. I normally use my macro for closeup shots of plants/fish and my 24mm for FTS, but that was a small tank and I was able to backup enough to use the 60mm which is a nice sharp lens.
Beautiful. This would be perfect for our photo of the month contest… wink wink

Close up of a marimo ball?