Photo of the Month Contest - January 2023 - Red plant

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  • Oct 29, 2022
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    The January Photo of the Month contest is now live. Please submit your photo as a post to this thread.​

    The first theme is: Best Red Plant Solo photo.

    An example:


    Winner: One winner will get POTM Winner user banner under their name and, of course, bragging rights with lifelong admiration.​


    • Make a post in this thread and attach your contest submission photo!
    • Only 1 entry per member please - bring your best photo!
    • Submission period will be for three weeks and then close to new entries. It will close and voting begins on January 23rd.
    • Winner will be chosen last day of the month based on vote count total
    • Each member has one vote for each entry based on a 10 point scale. Every photo gets a vote from 1 -10 with 10 being the best.
    • The photo should be no larger than 800px x 800px and image editing should be kept to a minimum (i.e., no super saturations, etc.)
    • Staff Members reserve the right to disqualify highly doctored images
    • The photo should be in jpg or png format and no larger than 1 megabyte
    • *** Minimum 5 members must participate for the prize to count ***
    In order to keep this thread strictly focused on entries, please ask any questions in this thread: Announcement - Photo of the Month Contest Launches December 1

    Looking forward to seeing your best red plant photos! Good luck!


    Bumping! Contest ends soon. Please cast your votes for each submission now! Thanks!