Photo of the Month Contest - April 2023 - Inside Stand Cabinet

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  • Oct 29, 2022
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    After a couple of months hiatus with the photo of the month contest, let's start it up again with a fun one. This time is a "People's Choice" award meaning that it can be the nicest, most organized or the messiest, spider nest that wins. It's up to "the People", in this case, members.

    Let's have fun with it and don't be shy. We all struggle with the equipment and hiding it behind closed doors is what we do. So, let's see them for a shot at taking Photo of the Month for April!

    Contest will run for three weeks then be open for voting for one week. We choose the winner based on people's votes. Each photo will be rated from 0-10 with 10 being the best. Every photo is rated and the one with the best result wins.
    Here is my most organized (you don't wanna see the messiest đź’€) stand that holds 4 gallon nano. It is equiped with; Eheim 2211 filter, 2kg CO2 bottle, inline diffuser, DIY inline heater.

    Well mine isn't exactly in the stand, but is under it in the basement. I've been building this out for the last 8 or 9 months for a 5 x 2 x 2 150 gallon display tank in my living room. It's been slow but steady progress, hoping to have the tank planted and up and running in the next month.


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    Bumping this to make it more of a competition for the two submissions so far. Everyone has a cabinet! Let's see them!
    You are correct @Art - we all have a cabinet and most try to hide it LOL.
    Some of the craziness not obvious in the picture...
    Right hand side has an aluminum floor with a sealed curb. If something over flows the water goes down a floor drain to the basement.
    Right hand side - there is a small stand pipe also going to the basement - used for draining water change water.
    Just above, and to the right of the red CO2 cylinder is the GFCI breaker. All electric within the stand is routed thru the GFCI.
    The GFCI is routed to a large batter backup (not in the picture).
    Oh, and part of the living room heat comes out right under the FX4.
    Check out page 1 of my build thread for some "early" pics.
    Excessive - likely.

    This is the underside of my 36x24x36 Paludarium, which has an open stand that I built with Strong-Tie equipment and dimensional lumber.. FX4, CO2 reactor, and UV sterilizer all plumbed in-line from the drilled tank. (I know the UV sterilizer isn't plumbed properly; ended up not really using it anyway.) The only thing not pictured is the reservoir for the misting system, which is a 5G black square craftsman covered bucket. This is my most complex and neatest set up.


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