My new Garden Style Tank - Hungary

Good to see you here. I have been following this tank and love seeing the updates.

Do you know how the Masterline dosing equates to total NO3 : PO4 : K dosing weekly? And what is the water change schedule? Trying to figure out what you like to maintain in the water column.

Very, very well done sir!!
Hi Gregg.
Thank you so much the kind words. Thank you.
MasterLine dosing; I use other systema. Other. I keep No3 10-15 ppm, Po4 0,4-0,8, Fe 0,1. Gh 5-7, kH 2-3.
I tried it out for myself the dosing. And yessss. Success. Not method 30l/1ml. Not. It's will be to much my Tank.
My Tank netto 165L.