My dwarf neon rainbows started eating green hair!


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Dec 16, 2022
Portland, OR
I had been hoping for this when I picked up the group several weeks ago, though they are not celebrated as algae eaters. I noticed the occasional algae pecking, but it took time for them to really get this idea as a group and swarm the clusters of hair together.... which finally led to real measurable progress.

A Christmas miracle!
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A Christmas miracle, indeed! LOL

I have to admit I never thought of them as algae eaters but maybe @GreggZ can give me insight into their feeding habits. Now I have another addition to my utility crew fish options!
I've kept Bows for decades and have never considered them algae eaters..........because in all that time I have never seen them eating any algae. But that being said I've also never had them eat any my plants, but once in a while I hear a story of someone who says that they do.

So while it's interesting to see I would not recommend anyone go out and buy Rainbows for algae control. You will likely be disappointed. To me this is pretty unusual behavior by some young Bows with just the right type and length of algae.