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MTS, How bad do you have it?

Tim Harrison

Community Member
Feb 2, 2023
Reaction score
Multiple Tank Syndrome (MTS)...Just how bad do you have it ? :eek:

We don't have too much space in Hong Kong, so considering therapy for my TFOMO Syndrome (Tankers Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome):

4 tanks and no room for more, yet I still scour the online marketplaces for vintage and unique tanks because, well, you never know when more room will magically appear!
We have 2 x standard 75 gallons, 1 x 40 standard gallon, 1 x 29 gallon bow front. Also have a standard 75 gallon as a bioactive enclosure for leopard geckos, which used to be for rescuing baby snapping turtles. Way to many tanks lol
Frankly I am too embarrassed to answer this question 😳 😂 at least until there is water in more of them..
@Tim Harrison Who are you gaslighting with this picture 😂 I think the most I ever had at one time was 4 running tanks and that was when I was still in college living at home. I’m lucky I have one tank running at the moment, I can’t imagine having more right now.
I have a 20g that's getting redone soon once it has a stand. And my wife has a little 3g cube with snails and shrimp.

I have a 32g biocube thats coming online next couple of days.