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Dec 26, 2023
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Titusville FL
I have always front loaded salts but now I am daily dosing using an auto doser. My salts only last 1-2 weeks so it isn’t all that long yet I get mold in the solution. What is the best way to combat this?

I’ve heard to use white distilled vinegar, but my follow-up question would be how much?

Is there a standard? I.e… 5ml per 100ml or something like that.

Will added vinegar have any unwanted side effects?

I have also heard that you can add a “capful” of excel but I’d rather not use that stuff.

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Acidifying the solution is a fair deterrent for mold but it wont stop stubborn strains. Two weeks is fast. If its molding that quick you probably need a preservative

Potassium sorbate is what you want for that, .2 gm per 500 ML

An acid would be helpful regardless because low PH keeps the nutrients stable and in an available state for plants. Not so important for a macro solution but absoultely needed for micros

Vinegar will work but dont ask me how much it takes. I use citric acid, .5 gm per 500 ml

Start with the acid since it's helpful anyway. If it still molds can add a preservative along with it
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Exact info I was looking for, thank you very much. Just to be clear this is all being stored in a dark cabinet as well in a 75° home. The mold isn't ridiculous to the point of clogging up the dosing line, but it's enough for me to see it floating around in the bottom of the 500ml container.

Curious, should I expect to see any sort of changes to my aquarium when using either Potassium Sorbate or Citric Acid? Or at those levels, no?
Yep. OP said he didnt want to mess with it (excel) Think I used to use a capful
I did the same thing when I mixed my own fert bottles. Now I just dry dose. Contemplating making a bottle of just Iron though and dry dosing the micro solution twice a week with a low dose of iron daily in the form of Gluc.