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Hello Howdy from Texas :)


Community Member
Nov 15, 2022
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Austin, TX
What's up everyone! My name is Hiep Hong, I've been aquascaping since around 2011-2012 but I have been seriously keeping fish since around 2004. I started off as a large predatory fish enthusiast (some may remember me as JESToner or HiepSTA on waterwolves and Monsterfishkeepers forums) and then found my way into aquascaping through picking up dwarf shrimps as a hobby.

fast forward to 2022 and now I have realized my dreams by making aquascaping my full time job. I am the Brand Representative and content marketing associate for Ultum Nature Systems. Some of you also might know me from my #4 ranking in the IAPLC back in 2018.

Anyway, I hope to engage with all of you and hopefully teach a thing or two based on my experience as well as learn from everyone as well!


  • iaplc2018.jpg
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Welcome, Hiep. I'm so happy you're here and thanks for being willing to represent UNS and share you knowledge with all of us!

I REALLY liked your entry in 2018. I think you called it Greener Where You Water It?

I am a nature aquarium style guy so I can truly appreciate it. Would you say that is your style? Kinda like Masashi Ono?

Welcome to the site Hiep. That is a beautiful aquacape.

I look forward to hearing more about your tanks and your methods.