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Help How do you use ScapeCrunch???


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL

    As we continue to work to make ScapeCrunch valuable and easy for you to use, whether on your computer or mobile, it's important for us to know how you use it. This informs us on how best to display information to you.

    I would really appreciate it if you would kindly reply with how you use ScapeCrunch in the typical day.

    First, do you visit on phone, tablet or computer?

    Second, what do you do when you hit the Home Screen? Hit "New Posts", scroll down the forum list to see what was updated, or something else?

    Thirdly, anything that takes you more than two clicks to get to?

    Lastly, anything that kinda annoys you (other than these types of posts :))?

    Thanks for caring enough about our community to contribute your data!

    All the best,
    Scapecrunch is one of a few tabs that are always open on my iPad. I check and read new posts multiple times a day along with forums for my other hobbies (koi ponds, bonsai, dog training), by clicking on “New Posts” to refresh the page. Click on a thread, read it, click the back arrow to go back to the list, etc. Then I just leave the page open on that list and click “New Posts” again next time I come back.
    Nothing in particular takes 2 or more clicks to get there and nothing about Scapecrunch is annoying!
    60% desktop pc, 40% on phone. Usually work from 'whats new' since the header shows everywhere but the 'new posts' bar doesnt. Like right here when I post I'll hit 'whats new' above to go back to the topics page. Same thing as 'new posts' it just doesnt hide the ones youve read. Thats desktop, mobiles a little different