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Jan 23, 2023
I am anewbie. I know nothing about dosage stuff or optimal light level or anything. Here are three of my aquariums:
and as a bonus 10:
I always wondered if i actually knew something if i could improve things. Probably. Maybe when I have time to learn new things i will try them but i hate to mess things up.
Welcome to the forum @anewbie.

For someone who doesn't know anything it looks like you are doing what most would hope to do.........grow healthy looking plants.

You should consider starting a Build Thread in the Members Tanks area and post more information about your tank. Whatever you are doing seems to be working and I am sure many would like to hear about it.

If you have any questions we can help with feel free to start a thread and ask. There are a lot of experienced planted tankers here who are glad to share their knowledge and help people.
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I have a lot of questions but I'm moving in May so no journals. Also the replacement aquariums will be insanely large so I'll have to transition to solids from liquids so that will be a headache. The above tanks are:
~30 months old
~42 months old but there was an oops this summer that damaged the plants a little
~42 months old (never had an oops but the tank itself broke so i had to unplant everything and replant about 18 months ago).
~12 months old but i mean it is a 10.
The area where I current have a lot of questions center around a tank i'm planning for when i move in which it will be 48 inch deep but the back 18 inches will be above water level - i guess you call those thing a paludarium but i'm not sure anymore. I'm looking into decent Echinodorus to grow emersed as most are kind of boring as well as how to do the background - i'm thinking cork is safest but a lot of people recommend foam but i don't want to attach it to harshly to the back in case i have to remove it and do over. I also setup a 5 gallon terrarium to test plants emersed last may and been growing my anubia and a few species of crypts to see how they do and to learn some oops. I think this is a picture of it:

So far i'm not very happy with the crypts but everything else is ok. The crypts are jacobi pink which grows like a weed in my 40 and some variant of nuri rosen i forget which one as they are kind of all mixed up together now. I had them sep but they've developed giant leaves and stuff and grew together which my a. nijjensi loves since she can hide right in front when i feed them.
Hey @anewbie, welcome. Glad you decided to join us and, like the others have said, you are certainly doing something right as the plants look healthy and I don't see algae.

Paludariums are really gaining in popularity and, to me, seem very natural. In nature, most of our plants live in the cross zone between dry and wet.

You may want to consider setting up a Build Thread for the planning phase of your next tank. This is a great idea because you can get input on equipment you intend to buy and certainly the plants you intend to keep BEFORE you actually buy them. I've seen this done with much success. It can be a place for you to bounce your thoughts and ideas off of others.

Looking forward to seeing it in the future.