Hello Hello!


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Jan 7, 2023
You guys may know me for my contributions to ukaps or the occasional post on tpt. But to make things short. I love plants, and mucking about with ferts. My ideal goal is to get sensitive lythracaea, and greedy ludwigia growing fast and with no stunting. Currently I have two tanks, one low tech and one high tech. My high tech is inert substrate, nh4 dosing and very Lean nutrients.
I will try figure out how to resize my images to post here.
Welcome! Very glad to have someone from England as part of our community!

If you have any issues with uploading photos, please let me know. Unless the image is very large in terms of megabytes, you can just upload it here and then manually resize it on the screen by clicking on it.
Welcome to the forum! Beautiful tank but it looks like you may need a bigger tank to give those plants some breathing room! Haha

Very impressive mix of plants you have in there! Stunning!