Hello Hello from Iowa...


Mad Scientist
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Oct 31, 2022
Davenport, IA
Guess if I want to complete my Profile, I need to do some introductions :cool:
From the East side of Iowa (the state few know anything about)
Been in the hobby since early 2015. Of course I started out knowing very little about creating a planted tank. Ended up getting some plants from the local fish store. Soon learned some plants get just too big for a 75g tank (think 3 Amazon Swords). Kinda interesting - first one to comment on my Build Thread from another site was Joe Harvey.
And perhaps the coolest thing that has happened with the tank to date - getting the crinum calamistratum to flower

Beautiful flower! Copying @Burr740 Joe, maybe he’ll comment on this one too!

Welcome to ScapeCrunch and I know Iowa pretty well. I work for a company that started there.