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Hello Hello From Cairo Egypt


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Oct 31, 2022
I thought I did this before but the account progress says I didn't, so here you go ...

I am from Cairo Egypt probably the single person outside the US or Europe
I started the aquariums hobby in general like 30 years ago, but it was all wrong back then, during Covid-19 I had a lot of time at home, so decided to re-start my hobby by reading a lot and watching as many videos as I can
Currently I have one medium sized pond in my balcony and 4 tanks: 124, 120 (under development), 60 and 35 liters

In general I am still learning and started a bit of aquascaping like 1 or 1.5 years ago, and I created a YouTube channel where I document my learning plus aquascaping creations :)
Well, welcome again @ayman.roshdy! Hoping we can get people from all over world connected here.

Are all your tanks on the balcony?

I am assuming you have your hands full with maintenance given all those tanks plus the pond. What's it like?

Hi @Art, only the pond is in the balcony, it contains a small sponge filter but no other filtration is done, I am mainly depending on the terrestrial plants that are planted on top of the pond which absorb all the nutrients from the water so the water is always clean and free from ammonia, nitrites or nitrates, and these plants are doing great, they are growing like crazy

The rest of the tanks (4 tanks) are inside my apartment, I have an office room where I placed all the tanks, two of them are currently working, one is under construction, and the forth is still in planning, other than a water spilling accident that I made yesterday in my weekly maintenance, the maintenance should not take much time, the plan is as follows for the four tanks:
  • Sundays --> Clean the glass [30 minutes]
  • Mondays --> Scrap any algae from the hardscape [60 minutes]
  • Tuesdays --> Trim the plants [60 minutes]
  • Wednesdays --> Vacuum clean the gravel [60 minutes]
  • Thursdays --> Off
  • Fridays --> 50% water change [120 minutes]
  • Saturdays --> Clean the filters [120 minutes] - can be done every two weeks
My weekend is Fridays & Saturdays, and I think if I handle the maintenance as planned above then things should be ok, the main problem is sometimes I get a bit lazy during the week and the 240 minutes in weekends are doubled