Hello Hello all!

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WOW! Beautiful tank!

I'm one of the resident gear heads, can you tell us more about your setup that leads to this type of result?

It would be great if you started a Build Thread.
The pics are from when the tank was better condition few years ago. It was then neglected for a year+ due to life and work. I'm slowly getting back into it and cleaning it up, hoping to make it look as great as some here one day. 🙂😁

This is the current setup

6' AGA 125g
BML 10k XB
BML XB Custom
Eheim 2262
Aqueon ProFlex 4
Jebao DC12000
Jebao DP4, Thrive+, 12ml/day
Cerges *2, 20"*4.5"
Linde Concoa 312 regulator