Heated "Debates" - Lets hear them


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Nov 1, 2022
London, Ontario
As the titles states, what are some of the aquaria related "heated" debates you have had outside of forums?

It goes without saying, but please no shaming / name dropping etc. Let's be respectful.

An obvious one I get into with a family member is the classic betta tank size, water changing and filtration / heaters needed for them. Keeping it in a half gallon lunch container with no filter or heater, and only ever topping off evaporation is something I would try to discuss, only to be met with "oh but my last one lived over 2 years, they are only ever supposed to live like 1 year" .... I give up after that and move on with my day.

I recently saw a local add posted for "Echinodorus Big Bear Clippings" $25 for 9 leafs + the leaf stem. I asked the guy what these were used for, and he told me to plant them and they will grow into a new plant. I politely asked if he had proof of this, and he said "they are aquarium plants, that's what they do" and sent me a photo of google saying that sword plants can reproduce via crown splitting. I again, politely explained that trimming a sword leaf near the crown is not the same as uprooting the plant and splitting the crown. He stopped answering after that... Hopefully no one is duped into spending $25 for 9 sword leaves worth of compost....
Oh boy! Let's see. Some I've started, mind you. I'm fully admitting that! šŸ˜‡

Whether or not aquarium plant seeds are a real thing. Someone was marketing the seeds as a less expensive way to have a lush aquascape.

Another one was the need to have water changes in today's day and age. Oh man! Did I catch hell with that one! :D
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