Has anyone seen these stones before? Curious about carbonates...


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Jan 23, 2023
These are brand new at Buceplant, and I think they would be perfect in my new 'scape. I'm curious if anyone has seen them before, or anything similar. I'm gun shy on any rocks that have any white in them, because I don't want any stones that are going to drastically increase my water hardness...

Striped River Stone
Can't comment much on carbonates being released from those stones, but, I can tell you something else about them...
if they are anything like the river rock that is found in the Mississippi River, they are VERY hard. Many years ago local concrete companies used to mix river rock into concrete (instead of lime stone) for roads around here. Core drilling that kind of concrete with diamond edged coring bits is a very slow process and typically burns out the bit after only a few holes. PITA if you have several cores to drill.

I would like to think if those are old, rounded river rock they would have leached out what ever could be leached out a long time ago.
Not sure how many landscape locations you have in CT, but you may be able to find similar stones at a hardscape/landscape center nearby. You won’t have to pay shipping and price per pound will surely be cheaper for the amount you’ll need. Ordering hardscape is so hard unless it’s YGWYS, and even then sometimes pictures are misleading.