Announcement Happy Belated First Birthday, ScapeCrunch!!


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    So in my work-induced exhaustion, I slept through the one year anniversary (birthday) for ScapeCrunch...

    It's never too late to say THANK YOU so this is my big THANK YOU to all of you. It's been a great time getting to know each of you, your tanks and lives.

    This is what I said in the first post here on ScapeCrunch back on October 31, 2022:

    I believe there is always room for a new forum whose mission is a little different than the others.

    ScapeCrunch is intended to be a privately owned, friendly forum dedicated to serving the planted aquarium community. We won't pour advertisements at you nor will we be quick to hit you with the ban button for simply being you. Sadly, this seems to have become the norm and it's just not right.

    I think we've held true to our mission. It will continue to be our goal into year two and beyond. I want to send a special word of thanks to my friend, @GreggZ, who was here from before the launch and whose advice and counsel was instrumental to the ScapeCrunch concept.

    A lot has happened in the first year:
    • A group of nearly 300 have come together to support each other's hobby and have fun;
    • We hosted the first ever garden style aquascaping contest to showcase the beauty of the style and that evolution is a good thing; and
    • We even lost one of our own (here's a toast to you, Linn)!
    More exciting things are planned for the near future. I look forward to always welcoming you to our online community. We are so glad you're here!