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GSAC 2023 Concluded - Thank You


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL
    We have posted all of the results that were judged. We are very happy with the participation and quality of contestants that decided to enter the very first aquascaping contest dedicated to a specific style. On behalf of everyone involved, I once again want to thank the contestants and the judges for graciously giving of their time and talent.

    We did have quite a few entries that the judges felt were not in the garden style and, hence, were not judged. For the most part, these entries were fantastically beautiful examples of other styles of aquascaping. We thank them for sending in their entries and hope they understand why they were not included in the final results.

    As we look forward, we would appreciate any and all feedback from the community. Should we make this contest an annual event? Can it be improved somehow?