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Announcement Gregg Zydeck's Interview is now back!


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL
    As some of you know, ScapeCrunch was first born as a blog a couple of years ago. I had the great privilege to interview some of the best people in the hobby and post the interview for all to enjoy. One of them was out very own @GreggZ.

    Unfortunately, that old blog was hacked and I lost most of the data. It's was devastating. However, through the magic of the Internet where nothing is ever really gone, I was able to reconstruct some of my work and bring it to you here. I'm giving it new life in our Resources section.

    I'm so pleased to bring @GreggZ's interview first. Please check it out. I still need to add the pictures but the meat of the article is there to enjoy. Eye candy coming soon.

    Please go enjoy the interview and comment if you liked it and/or if Gregg has helped you in the past.

    Stay tuned for more interviews coming soon.

    All the best,

    Thanks Art glad to see you could recover it. I had a few people contacting me and wondered where it went. Now I have to read it again and hope I didn't say anything too stupid!! 😂
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