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Build Thread "Green Echoes" - 292L aquascape


Community Member
  • Dec 21, 2022
    This aquascape is inspired by a river bank where fallen trees, branches and roots are exposed to the flow of water. But despite this, life goes on and various plants come to life growing on driftwood and rocks above and below the water surface.

    Dimensions: 130x50x45cm - 292 liters or 77 gallons
    Lighting: Chihiros A1201 x2
    Filtration: Oase BioMaster Thermo 600, Eheim 2217
    Pressurised 3 bps - DIY CO2 reactor (connected on Eheim 2217)
    Substrate: Lava gravel, ADA La Plata sand
    Hardscape: Curl wood, Red Moorwood, Talawa wood, Seiryu stones
    Flora: Anubias sp. 'Mini Coin', Anubias sp. 'Bonsai', Bolbitis sp. 'Mini' Guinea 2002, Microsorum sp. 'Mini Coral', Marsilea crenata, Marsilea hirsuta
    Fauna: /



    Soaking the wood​

    Most of the wood is from previous setup but Talawa branches are new so I decide to run the tank for 2 weeks without plants to prime the wood.


    Planting (1st stage)​

    Planting will take place in 2 phases, first I planted Anubias sp. 'Mini Coin', Anubias sp. 'Bonsai', Bolbitis sp. 'Mini' Guinea 2002, Microsorum sp. 'Mini Coral' and Marsilea hirsuta & crenata. Later I will add moss, Microsorum sp 'Spoon' (I will glue this to the wood) and finally Nymphoides sp. 'Taiwan' - I plan to plant them in terracotta pots (since I didn't use nutrient substrate) and hide them behind the hardscape structure.

    Some of the plants used here;

    Anubias sp. 'Mini Coin'

    Eriocaulon sp. 'Japan Needle Leaf' (growing it as an epiphyte - they are glued to the small rocks and placed on lava gravel)

    Vesicularia sp. 'Mini Christmas'

    Microsorum sp. 'Mini Coral'

    Marsilea crenata

    Marsilea hirsuta

    Bolbitis sp. 'Mini' Guinea 2002

    Microsorum sp. 'India'

    Microsorum sp. 'Thai' Mini Needle Leaf

    Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan'

    Riccardia graeffei
    Wow!! looking forward to see everything grow, this is a 10/10 aquascape IMO

    what about ferts and water changes?
    Thank you!
    I am dosing my own blend of ferts, Plantavit - micro, macro and potassium+. Dosing them daily with dosing pump. Currently adding; 0,84 mg/L NO3, 0,17 mg/L PO4, 1,7 mg/L K, 0,07 mg/L Mg, 0,035 mg/L Fe + trace.
    Weekly water changes 40%
    Here is the full list of plants used here:

    Anubias sp. 'Mini Coin'
    Anubias sp. 'Bonsai'
    Microsorum sp. 'Thai'
    Microsorum sp. 'Spoon'
    Microsorum sp. 'India'
    Microsorum sp. 'Mini Coral'
    Bolbitis sp. 'Mini' Guinea 2002
    Marsiles hirsuta
    Marsilea crenata
    Eriocaulon sp. 'Japan Needle Leaf'
    Cryptocoryne spiralis
    Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan'
    Nymphaea gardneriana 'Santarem'
    Riccardia graeffei
    Eleocharis acicularis
    Callicostella prabaktiana
    Vesicularia sp. 'Mini Christmas'
    Micranthemum tweediei 'Monte Carlo'
    Juncus repens

    Day 75​

    Last edited:
    I had false SAE before, with same habits. Here I thought if I feed them well they will not attack the moss - obviously wrong.
    I fed them spirulina tablets + food they stole from other fish... They are hogs! :p

    Here I found out about true SAE and had a luck to have them. I will observe them now and will post an update about this (hopefully with a good news). :)