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Give-Away Day 3 - APT Sky water booster

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Staff member
Founding Member
  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    APT SKY-150 Flamingo.png
    Welcome to Day 3 of the ScapeCrunch 2Hr Aquarist give away. Today, we are giving away the versatile APT SKY!

    APT SKY resolves the key conundrum of how to increase water hardness (specifically as a GH booster) without altering NPK values (which interfere with the calibrated ratios of fertilisers) and KH (where higher values are not favoured by most commercial aquatic plants).
    • Discover new possibilities with SKY-boosted water.
    • Enable shrimps and hardwater plants to thrive together with softwater plants*.
    • Replenish all vital minerals in RO/ RODI water with no negative altering of NPK, KH or pH.

      Each 3.5g / 5ml per 60L adds 12ppm Calcium and 3.5ppm Magnesium (+2.5 dGH)
      Recommended: 15ml per 60L of RO/RODI water.

    *To grow softwater plants, RO/RODI water recommended if tap water measures >2 dKH
    Benefits of using APT SKY:
    • As a GH booster, APT SKY is ~ 3X as concentrated as conventional remineralisers. Each 3.5g / 5ml per 60L adds 12ppm Calcium and 3.5ppm Magnesiumm, raising GH by 2.5 dGH. Did we mention that it is super-soluble, non-caking and just a joy to handle?
    • Conventional ‘RO remineralisers’ raise GH but almost all inadvertently alter NPK values. Most add an excessive amount of Potassium, for example. This in turn interferes with optimal fertilisation. APY SKY adds Calcium, Magnesium, trace minerals and natural seaweed extract, in a way that uniquely leaves NPK intact.
    • Plants have conflicting softwater / hardwater requirements. APT SKY removes the hassle of having to choose between softwater and hardwater plants. For softwater tanks, it boosts shrimp health and reproduction. The catch? It does require Softwater or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to begin with. At the moment, there is no easy way to make Hardwater ’Soft’.

    APT SKY Supporting Image 3 Buceps.jpg

    APT SKY Supporting Image 4 Eriocaulons.jpg

    APT SKY Supporting Image 2 Shrimps.jpg
    PLEASE share this with social media and let's get a least 10 people making a post here so that we can give this away at the end of today.

    This thread will close at 12 midnight tonight. We need at least 10 people making a post here saying they want the product.

    A random number generator will decide the winner and I will contact them for their address.

    The TERMS
    • Only one post per day, per person is allowed.
    • Shipping is free to the continental USA; International members can join the give away but must pay for international shipping (actual cost)
    • A minimum of 10 participants per day must participate or that day's give away rolls over to the following day without a winner.
    • Void if a give-away of this kind is not allowed in your location
    • Winner will have 24 hours to reply to my private message with their address for shipping
    We are VERY grateful to @Dennis Wong and The 2HR Aquarist for their support of ScapeCrunch and our growing community. If you would like to purchase other APT products or if you're not a lucky winner, please support The 2HR Aquarist by purchasing from them. Use the code "scapecrunch" for an additional 10% off your order. It's important for us to support the companies that support us.

    Please note that any purchases using the above link or code will result in ScapeCrunch receiving a small commission at no extra cost to you. This commission is used 100% towards the expenses of bringing you ScapeCrunch. Thank you for supporting our partners and our community.

    Sharing is caring! Please share this post with your Facebook and other social media friends.
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