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Give Away Day 1 - APT Jazz

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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a blessed day with family and friends.

    Day 1 of our The 2Hr Aquarist give away is here! First up, APT Jazz!

    One thing many aquarists don't think about is the need to replenish nutrients via the substrate. APT Jazz allows you to provide the nutrition your plants need via the substrate, especially if targeted nutrition is needed.

    • Unparalleled nitrate limiting ability for deeper reds
    • Ultra-long lasting impact
    • Maximum algae control
    • Superior visible growth
    • Low ammonia spike risk
    • Superior substrate compatibility
    Replenish Aquasoil
    Aquasoil depletes naturally over 3~6 months.

    At the heart of APT Jazz's potency is its Phoenix Matrix, a blend of ammoniacal nitrogen and essential nutrients with the power to repeatedly rejuvenate aquasoil.

    Enjoy fresh, rich aquasoil without the hassle (and waste) of discarding matured substrate.

    Nitrate Limitation
    Nitrate Limitation unlocks the deepest possible reds in Rotala rotundifolia and many of the hobby's most popular plants.

    This technique involves root-fed macro nutrients, coupled with low nitrates in the water. Existing root tabs either do not contain sufficient root-fed macro nutrients, or do not effectively retain nitrogen within the substrate. Once leeched into the water, nitrate limitation fails.

    APT Jazz was specially engineered to retain potent ammoniacal nitrogen within the root zone. Enjoy the power.

    Low ammonia spike
    Many aquatic root tabs are derived from terrestrial 'osmocote' type fertilisers. They can be strong growth boosters, but often induce dangerous spikes in ammonia, which trigger algae and can kill fish and plants. Tissue-culture plants are especially vulnerable.

    APT Jazz is 100% designed for aquatic use, with no unpleasant surprises.

    P5rYhalE.png PKi5Z01s.png
    PLEASE share this with social media and let's get a least 10 people making a post here so that we can give this away at the end of today.

    This thread will close at 12 midnight tonight. We need at least 10 people making a post here saying they want the product.

    A random number generator will decide the winner and I will contact them for their address.

    The TERMS
    • Only one post per day, per person is allowed.
    • Shipping is free to the continental USA; International members can join the give away but must pay for international shipping (actual cost)
    • A minimum of 10 participants per day must participate or that day's give away rolls over to the following day without a winner.
    • Void if a give-away of this kind is not allowed in your location
    • Winner will have 24 hours to reply to my private message with their address for shipping
    We are VERY grateful to @Dennis Wong and The 2HR Aquarist for their support of ScapeCrunch and our growing community. If you would like to purchase other APT products or if you're not a lucky winner, please support The 2HR Aquarist by purchasing from them. Use the code "scapecrunch" for an additional 10% off your order. It's important for us to support the companies that support us.

    Please note that any purchases using the above link or code will result in ScapeCrunch receiving a small commission at no extra cost to you. This commission is used 100% towards the expenses of bringing you ScapeCrunch. Thank you for supporting our partners and our community.

    Sharing is caring! Please share this post with your Facebook and other social media friends.
    I have used APT complete and Fix in the past and would love to try JAZZ

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    Happy holidays! Thank you for putting together this giveaway! Been interested in trying out some of his product line!
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