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Nov 28, 2022
Phuket Thailand
My new scape : Hillside Garden 2023
This tank is no hardscape, use planted techniques to create the layout.
It’s not a traditional Dutch style !
Tank details:
Tank size : 150-60-50 cm Volume 450L
Lighting : Chihiros WRGB 1st edition 120 - 1 set , 11 hours per day (100% all colors setting)
Filtration Canister : Crazy Stone CS-1400 1 set with Crazy stone small glass ring media
Substrate : Crazy Stone Amazon Soil, Raw Base and Ferka Aquabase
CO2 : Pressurized CO2 5 bubbles per second 11 hours per day
Temperature : control 25c by Hailea 60A
Algae control : Chihiros Doctor , Biological Strong
Maintenance : Water change 40% Weekly
Bacteria : Biological Purification
Hormones : TARA Bio-Stimulants, Biological Growth and Biological Brightening
Fertilizers : TARA Fertilizers A & B,TARA Bio-Stimulants, TARA Fe and trace elements
Plants list :
1.Bryxza japonica
2.Bacopa colorata sp. pink
3. Rotala Tulunadensis
4.Ludwigia pilosa
5. Ludwigia glandulosa
6.Lobelia cardinalis Dwarf
7. Alternanthera reineckii "rosanervig"
8. Samolus parviflorus “red”
9.Limnophila aromatica sp. “mini green”
10.Myriophyllum sp. Guyana
11.Pogostemon erectus
12.Bucephalandra sp. metallica
13.Cryptocoryne flamingo
14.Cryptocoryne brown
15.lagenandra meeboldii bleeding heart
16.Ludwigia mini super red
17.Bacopa compact white
18.Hemianthus Micranthemoides (Pearl Weed)
19.Hydrocotyle tripartita
20.Heteranthera zosterifolia
21.Micranthemum Monte Carlo New Large Pearl Grass
22.Riccardia chamedryfolia
23.Mini Pearl Moss (Blepharostoma Trichophyllum)

For this layout I want to improve it better, but I have no ideas, please give me some suggestions! Thank you
I like the manicured pine trees along the back 😁 :)
Only thing I could suggest is move some species around and selectively trim. Maybe If you changed it up and let the plants grow out more naturally, instead of the strict manicuring and shaping the tank would look more wild and natural.
Outstanding as usual!! You always come up with something interesting that is for sure. One constant is the ability to grow many plants to peak health at one time. That is trickier than creating a layout.

And that must be some long trimming session when you get the tank put together for a picture. Not many have the patience to create a scape like that. Takes a lot of dedication that is for sure.
First of all this tank is a freakin stunner. One of the most impressive planted tanks Ive ever seen!

But since you asked for critique, from an artistic perspective, the focal area - that awesome colorata street - is too much in the center. Its hard to tell exactly since the pic is at an angle. In person it may lead the eyes to the right spot as it hits the 'trees'. But the whole thing really commands too much attn in the dead center

It could also have better depth with a little more variation in heights. Especially in the left half fore/midground area. if some of those groups height was more staggered it would give it a whole different look. Especially whatever the red is to the left of the buces, and the sp green behind it. If those two were different heights from one another, and both taller than the colorata, it would look about 10x "deeper"

But those heights may be on purpose? And thats fine too, having them the same creates a certain effect of its own. Marian does this a lot in his tanks. But it leaves a lot of potential depth on the table

And you know... Im just splitting hairs here because you asked for ideas to improve it. Somebody out there could probably nitpick the Mona Lisa too! Haha. Thats what it feels like Im doing..
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