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Garden Style Aquascape Examples

It may be helpful to show examples of garden-style aquascapes so we put together this page to present some examples from around the world.

Please note: these examples are just for inspiration and do not necessarily reflect the contest guidelines or winning works. Each image is copyrighted by the individual listed.

Paulina Zagorowska:
73235259_2682728488433341_3437939359863537664_n.jpg 81196453_2846870532019135_2432941506798026752_n.jpg

Marian Sterian:

Xiaozhuang "Dennis" Wong:

Now for a more common example, mine:

Why this style is sometimes called the fruit stand style. Have you see any aquascapes that resemble this?
Chris Hendy's tanks.... Canada
He posts regularly in the Facebook groups and a few of the online forums.


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  • 122168498_4007071859308680_1145199934485597917_n.jpg
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Mihai Gabriel Istratie's tanks hailing from Romania. He is also the owner of Fertilizanti Plant Serum


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A friend of mine who wishes to be nameless.

Dang I know I should know who's tank this is. I am pretty sure I recognize it but can't place the name.

And great examples you posted above.

Chris Hendy is a friend of mine and I'll have to drag him over here.