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Fourth Place - Harbinger of Spring


Staff member
Founding Member
  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Entry 19.jpg
    Image copyright © Norbert Pal

    Artist: Norbert Pal
    Location: Hungary

    Volume (liters) 208

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 100x40x52 cm

    Plants Front:
    - Hygrophilia sp. Araquai, Hedyotis Salzmanii, Ranunculus inundatus, Staurogyne sp. Porto Vehlo, Cryptocorine Flamingo and Staurogyne Brown.
    - Rotala Mexicana Goias, Tonina Fluviatilis, Nesea Pedicellata Golden, Ludwigia Guinea, Syngonanthus macrocaulon, Rotala mini Butterfly, Mayaca sp. Santarem Red.
    - Rotala Macrandra Bangladesh, Limnophila aromatica, Pogostemon Yatabeanus, Myrophillium Tuberculatum, Rotala sp. Green, Ludwigia Palustris Blood Red, Rotala Macrandra Green Wavy

    Fish Danio margaritatus, Macrotocinclus affinis, Danio erythromicron and Shrimps.

    Additional info Substrate: Tropica Soil.
    Filter: JBL e1502
    Lighting: Week Aqua Pandora P900,
    7 hours lighting time. 70% power.
    Co2 non-stop. 76 bubble per 1 minute.
    Gh: 6, Kh: 2, pH 6,3
    No3: 5-8 ppm
    Po4: 0,3 - 0,5 ppm
    Fe: 0,08 - 0,1 ppm

    Judges comments​

    Gregg Zydeck
    A really nice mix of very healthy looking plants and very well trimmed. Sometime trimmed too well. A few groups looked like they were recently topped. I would have liked to see more variation on height and shape of the groups in the back of the tank. But other than that there is a LOT going right here. This a serious plant grower keeping a wide variety of plants.

    Joe Harvey
    This is a breathtaking display of color. The scaper has done a really good job of contrasting colors and leaf textures. However, height contrasts are just as important. Everything across the back is the same height. It would have much better depth if these heights were staggered a few inches. The use of rows is repeated too often. And like the background, the three rows on the right are all the same height. The scape lacks a strong focal point. Right now the pedicellata is playing the role but it's in the wrong place dead center. Google 'rule of thirds' or golden ratio' to learn more about focal points. Also it is unfortunate that the background stems on the left have all been topped. The art (and hard part) to creating a nice aquascape is to grow the plants into their heights and shapes. These groups shouldve been topped a couple months earlier, and a few inches lower. That way we'd be looking at nice tops now instead of tall stumps. It is a really beautiful tank and these comments are only meant to be constructive and help.

    Marian Sterian
    The layout would have looked much better if the height of the plants on the back would have been different and if the plants wouldn't have been so freshly trimmed.

    Dennis Wong

    Vin Kutty
    This contest is exactly where this classic fruit stand style tank belongs. It's welcome here. My initial impression was 'wow!' but after spending a few minutes viewing, I became less impressed. The military-style flat-top haircut all background plants seem to have received to maintain equal height backfired. Contrast cannot be just viewed solely from a color lens, but rather height, leaf shape, and even the strategic use of empty space.

    Suggestions: create variation in height. Avoid repeating rows of reds and greens. Develop contrast without the use of color.