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Fish temperature

Sep 16, 2023
Hi guys, the winter is coming and I need suggestions if I have to turn on one or both Biomaster Thermo 600 heaters.

Right now the tank is at 21.7c, honestly I thought that if the temp drops below 20.5, I would start 1 heater and see if it can increase the temp at 23c.

Livestock is:
Ember tetra, pygmy Cory, cpd, amano, otocinclus
21.7 C is 71.1 F, so on the low end for most fish. More information would be useful. What is the temperature of the room? Size of the tank? I assume the Biomaster Thermo comes with a thermostat? 23C is 73.4 F, which should be fine.
Yes, i have 2 Biomaster thermo 600 on this tank. The tank is a 90g, room temperature is around 21-22c.

I can for sure use 1 or both heater, but I would like to know if needed, just for energy consumption

Edit: I have turned on 1, and went from 21.5 to 23 in few hours. If its needed I'll leaves it on as it is. Ty
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