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Fifth Place - Niloy Sangupta


Staff member
Founding Member
  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Entry 15.jpg
    Image copyright © Niloy Sengupta

    Artist: Niloy Sengupta
    Location: India

    Volume (liters) 28

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 45, 25,25

    Plants samulas parviflora, BG 11, buce Elegant blue, pandora, ARmini variegated, petite, helferi, SP chai, S Repens, rotala colourata, rotala sunset, anubius Pinto, lobelia mini, aramotica mini, Blood red SG, rotala rotala macrandra green, myro gold, bacopa SG, tonnia lotus blossom, fluvalitis, tonnia belam, rotala florida, rotala tulunadensis, cupeha

    Fish Black Molly

    Additional info Soil Ada v1 and tropica, light Azur Nova

    Judges Comments:​

    Gregg Zydeck
    I struggled with this one. The plants all look very healthy, but I can’t get by the amount of equipment in the tank. It would have really benefited from removing it for the picture. I really like much of the foreground, but the background sort of all runs together with no clear definition of groupings. Lots of potential here and with some work could score much higher.

    Joe Harvey
    Nice healthy lookking plants and I really like the "horizon". The lobelia and AR are somewhat overpowering. Should make a street with the lobbelia, and prune back the AR some and get it off the front glass. Also please always remove any visible equipment before taking contest pics.

    Marian Sterian
    Such small tank and so many healthy wonderful looking plants.
    As an improvement, i would have taken out the equipment and replant the taller stems in the middle, before taking the photo.

    Dennis Wong

    Vin Kutty
    Love this tank. A gorgeous, contemporary-style tank marred by ugly equipment and somewhat red/blue-heavy lighting. It could have easily ranked in the Top 3 if the gear was removed. Plants are fairly healthy and algae-free. Yes, there is some red-on-red contrast loss and the AR Variegated needs help. Still, I love this tank. Feels like the owner was inspired by one of Dennis Wong's tanks. If you aim for Dennis or Marian style scaping, you need to follow them a little closer.

    Suggestions: remove all equipment and correct light spectrum away from red and blues.