Explanation of the different substrate types

Resource Explanation of the different substrate types


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Oct 31, 2022
ayman.roshdy submitted a new resource:

Explanation of the different substrate types - 🌿 Different videos explaining the different substrate/soil types 🌿

I am re-studying all the aspects of the planted aquarium before working on my new high tech tank, and accordingly I am trying to watch and collect as many videos related to a specific topic, in this resource I am collecting the best videos talking about the different types of substrate or soil that we can use in our tanks, one important criteria that I am using to select these videos is that I am not adding any videos marketing to a specific product; only adding the videos that explain the...

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That's the one you want to pay attention to!!
Yes it contains very useful information, didn't know that this video is out there although I was following Dennis Wong for some time, I will re-organize the videos so that I make this one the first one to watch inside the resource