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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Entry 7.jpg
    Image copyright © Daniele Ponzio

    Artist: Daniele Ponzio
    Location: Italy

    Volume (liters) 120

    Length x Width x Height (cm) 100x30x40

    Plants Sfondo: Myriophyllum red steam, rotala enie,cabomba furcata,myriophyllum sp roraima,myriophyllum pinnatum,myriophyllum tuberculatum,
    Centro: rotala sayadrica,rotala mini type 4,Eriocaulon cinereum,Eriocaulon sp. Goias,Eriocaulon parkery,rotala sp.sunset aka ramosior,proserpinaca palustris,tonina fluviatilis,limnophila sp belem,rotala bonsai,Nasaea Crassicaulis,persicaria San paulo,rotala narrow leaf,ludwigia inclinata var.vertic.pantanal,bacopa salzmannii purple,ludwigia ovalis pink,rotala sp Singapore,myriophyllum white,ludwigia inclinata var.vertic. meta
    Avanti: syngonanthus macrocaulon,nasea golden

    Fish No

    Additional info Illuminazione:1 twinstar III 900S + chihiros wrgb 90
    Co2: ricaricabile
    Filtri: 2 oase biomaster 350
    Substrato: ada più power advance
    Fertilizzazione: apt e.i.
    Sali rimineralizzanti: apt gh
    Biostimolanti: dennerle enzymes, ada green gain plus, seachem advance, apt fix
    Biocondizionatore: apt
    Ph: 5.5
    Gh 7

    Judges comments​

    Gregg Zydeck
    Lots of nice healthy looking plants but needs more attention to plant placement. Too many reds/oranges/pinks bunched together. Makes it a bit of a jungle and there is no clear separation of plant groupings. Could use more green to help make other colors pop. The main focal point is the mix of the colored plants in the center of the tank which does not work. The groupings are so lumped together that they all get lost. Lot’s of great plants to work with here just but needs some refinement and restraint.

    Joe Harvey
    This is a pretty tank and the plants all look happy. As far as the scape goes there are too many similar colors next to each other. It would benefit from a few more green species in the mix. Thicker groups that are better defined, and some contrast in height between the stems across the back. It also lacks a strong focal point. Google 'rule of thirds' or 'golden ratio' to learn more about creating a good focal point.

    Marian Sterian
    No comment

    Dennis Wong
    No comment

    Vin Kutty
    An overdose of reds and oranges. Somehow the selection of plants makes this 3-foot tank feel like it is 2 feet long. It's so easy to remove the equipment for photography - please do so!

    Suggestions: when working with a small tank, it is critical to use smaller leaved plants to make the tank appear larger than it is. remove all equipment.