Couple of forum questions


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Oct 31, 2022
@Art a couple of quick questions please:
  • Is there a way to configure the forums settings so that I receive email notifications for all new posts?
  • I have a small balcony pond created inside a plant pot with terrestrial plants at the top, do you think I can post about this in the forum? Which channel would be the suitable for this?
Hi Ayman -
  • For email alert settings, click on your name in the upper right corner of the site, in the navigation bar. Then select Preferences. You have many options including receiving an update email with activity. Unless you watch a thread or have threads you interacted with, you won't get an automatic email on new threads. This is intended so you don't get a flooded inbox. You have always click the New Posts link under What's new to see all new posts.
  • I would think the planted aquarium discussions forum is fine for that.