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Nov 5, 2022
Howell, Mi
Hi all,
I'm looking for new RODI system. I need something with 80+ gal per day. I also need a pressure pump on the system as well since I am on well water. Hopefully that will be less waste water as well.

What are you using? Pros and cons?

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With RODI systems, you need to think about the filter and, perhaps more importantly, is how you will set the filter up so that it is as easy as possible for you to make water, store it and use it for the water change. If you don't think about the entire system, you end up making things harder, not easier.

For a long time, I've used the 5 stage system from Bulk Reef Supply. They make a very solid product and have replacement parts easily available. I would likely wait for the Black Friday sale to start so that you get a good deal on it. Make sure to pick up replacements while you're at it.

I use the double carbon set up because my area uses chloramines in tap. You really need the double to eliminate them. I'm not sure where you're at.

I also use the single, combined DI resin as opposed to the double, single ones as my tap is soft as it is and they last a while. Again, your milage may vary and you may be better off with having two DI stages because of your well water. I'm assuming it's going to be on the harder side.

The unit I'm recommending comes with a TDS meter so you're set there. It's dual stage so you can see TDS going in and coming out. It also includes the flush kit that is very important to improve the life of your RO membrane.

Overall, I really like it. Never had a problem with it.

Lastly, while I don't use one, I've heard good things about their booster pump kit. It should provide the pressure you need to operate within the appropriate limits.

In the end, you should be very happy with this system. It depends on how you end up setting up the entire process, though.

Let us know how it goes. Send pictures! Or, better yet, start a Build Thread!
You have to keep in mind that folks using RO units for aquarium is a VERY, VERY small percentage of the RO units being sold and used. Probably about 99% are purchased for home drinking water. And there is no difference between a unit being sold by aquarium shops and the ones on Amazon. They all have an RO membrane, various filters, a storage tank all work basically the same way. The differences are mostly how many filtration stages they have and what type of RO membrane they use.

You can add a TDS meter, pressure gauge, booster pump, etc. to any of the units. They are universal and work on any system so you can go read reviews about each one and make a choice.

More important later is the availability and cost of the replacement filters.

Just saying asking about RO units on an aquarium site doesn't make a lot of sense to me. There are forums out there with sections devoted to nothing but RO units with thousands of posts and discussions.

And this is not to say anything against the BRS one that Art mentioned. I have heard lots of people who have it and are happy. But while you see a handful of reviews on it, the major ones being sold have thousands and thousands of reviews. And in most cases they are the exact same thing just with different branding.