Build Thread Ayman Roshdy Aquascaping Journey

Got inspired by other forum members; accordingly changed the subject of this thread, so that I use as my aquascaping journal for future aquascapes
My plan so far:

High or Low TechTypeStatusComments
Low TechBalcony Pond for my guppiesCreated
Low Tech80x40x40 cm tankCreated
Low TechNano Shrimp TankBuildingI am mainly using plant trimmings from the above tank, so building it might take 2 - 3 more weeks
High Tech50x35x40 cm tankIdeaOnly an idea so far were I am going to build something like the below picture, this will be a high tech tank using DIY CO2
High Tech80x35x35 cm tankBuildingThe tank is custom made, being built together with the light

And I am taking my time to study everything since this would be my largest high tech build so far
The details about this tank have its own thread